Where’s Lilli?

We just downloaded some pics left over from Valentines, and this one just cracks me up. It’s sort of the “E.T.” look where you couldn’t even find where the kids had hidden him.

Today is Lilli’s 1-Month Birthday!! We’ll have to take some pics later we can compare back to Jan 24th. She’s just over 9 pounds now (last time Brent weighed her was Sunday) and I know she’s gotten longer because it’s not as easy for me to tote her around. She’s awake a LOT more than a month ago and always knows when I’m about to take a nap or spend some time relaxing (or watching my 1 soap!). We’re celebrating tonight by having some friends from church bring us dinner! =) Can’t complain about that!! Hopefully she’ll behave since they’re having a baby girl in just a few weeks and they probably don’t need to see any fussy baby meltdowns right now!

Enjoy the pics!
Lilli is the same size as her Webkins that her Auntie Stephanie brought her on Valentines!!

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