Two Months of Lilli!

Her Birthday – January 24, 2009
7lbs 6.5 ounces

One Month – February 24, 2009
9lbs, 1 ounce
Two Months – March 24, 2009
We weighed her a week ago and she was 10 pds, 2 ounces. We go Thurs for her 2 month Well Baby check, so I’ll share official stats then!

But you can definitely see how much she’s grown and her personality has appeared more! At one month she was just starting to smile, and now she enjoys smiling (when she feels like it) and will carry on a little conversation with you (when she feels like it.) Hmm… seems like she’s already starting to be a little bossy!!

She is a baby on the MOVE! She always wants to be jiggled, rocked, walked, swayed and she loves to dance and watch you dance. If I never make it on So You Think You can Dance maybe she will! She still continues to sleep through the night, from about 9:30/10 until around 6:30/7. Sometimes she’ll fuss a little around 5 am but all she needs is her pacy and she’ll go right back to sleep. When I go to get her in the morning she will have scooted all the way down to the end of her bed. I’m thinking all her activity may mean she’ll want to crawl and walk early!

Happy 2 month birthday Lilli!

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