Yup, she’s still at it with the dragonfly, these are from this morning’s play session:

She’s now into grabbing it and pulling the whole mirror on top of her.
Look at those chubby cheeks! She was having fun with her daddy last night at Babies R Us….normally by the time we hit the car after church she is D-O-N-E with behaving and melts downs, but she handled shopping well and saved her melt for the car ride home. Which, in her defense, out of the 6 car rides she had yesterday she only melted down once, and she was great on the 3 she and I had together so maybe we’re making some progress!

We took dinner to Lilli’s new friend Rachel on Monday night. Lilli likes anyone who likes the swing as much as she does. This is their first official pic together of their first ever playdate, which one day may be used for blackmail and/or torture. (Rachel’s in the swing, Lilli in the carseat watching.)And this is what dinner looks like at our house. It’s amazing all the things you learn you can do with one hand. Clearly both our children feel they need some extra attention! Remove Brent and add me in his place and that’s what lunch looks like around here!

And then she passes out……For some reason she woke up insanely early this morning – 5:45 instead of her usual 7! So that’s thrown us off schedule today and I really hate to not be on schedule! Instead of Eat-Activity-Sleep she’s been Eat-Sleep-Activity-Sleep so it’s all off today. But, I did feel pretty spiffy getting my daily 4 mile run finished before 7:30 am! OH, how I wanted to go back to bed, but I knew if I didn’t get it done at 6:45 in the morning there wouldn’t be a nap of hers long enough the rest of the day to make it happen! I’m currently employing the hairdryer-next-to-the-swing trick to help her take this current nap a little longer and get her second feeding closer to normal time! Sorry Mother-Earth-during-Earth week, I’m using a little extra electricity to make the rest of my day easier!!!! At least she prefers the hairdryer to the vacuum, right????? And I grow my own garden, bought super duper Energy Saving appliances for our new kitchen and recycle everything so I’m entitled to some extra electricity!!!!

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