Botanical Fun

After running errands and taking care of some “business” this morning, we took Lilli on a fun-filled picnic to Cheekwood Gardens for the afternoon, and then to Bongo Java East for Las Paletas Popsicles, yum! She did great on our all day adventures, only fussing a few times but missing naps didn’t make trying to take some photos easy since pretty much every time we found a great spot she just wanted to snuggle and sleep! But we did get a few really good ones today to mark her 3-month birthday!

I love this one of Brent and Lilli:

She loved playing in the shade on her blanket:

Styling in her cute peasant style top and jean capris (she also had some cute babyGap open toed pink sandals on earlier but I took them off when we started playing in the grass):

Another reason she’s hard to photog these days – constant fist in mouth! It doesn’t exactly make for the prettiest pics! We took several (hundred) more and once Brent crops some of them I’ll post some of the others from our little outing today! We’ll probably get a membership to Cheekwood later this year, right now there weren’t a lot of things blooming we could really get a picture of her with, esp since she can’t sit up.

Happy Friday! Tomorrow morning we’re planning to walk down and cheer on all the runners doing laps around our neighborhood for the marathon, so I need to go find my tambourine so I can annoy as many other spectators as possible!

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