Runs with Lilli

Since she did so great running 5 miles with us on Saturday I’ve decided to just go ahead and start running with her in the running stroller. So this morning after her breakfast we (Lilli & I) headed out for 4 miles. We ran from our house down to Shelby Park, around the lake and part of the greenway. Basically I ran 2 miles out and then back. I stopped for some water (man, it was hot and sunny!) at my turn around point and a cyclist meeting me told me there was a snake up ahead but he didn’t THINK it would hurt me. AAAAK!!!! Think???? That’s not too reassuring! I had just come through there since I was at my turn point, so I can’t believe I didn’t see it! Another runner was coming towards me so I told her about it and gave her a little head start. I never saw it and I never saw her jump so hopefully it had slithered off! We had a great run, she slept off and on and I enjoyed the peaceful park on a workday morning. The hill out of the park is murder, so I had to walk that bit and some traffic slowed me down at intersections heading from our house to/from the park but I was still pleased with my time. My park miles were right around 10:20 each, so that’s not bad for 13 weeks PP and pushing about 37 pounds of combined baby/stroller! I’m somewhat contemplating running the Girls on the Run 5K in a couple of weeks with Lilli. Since it’s a program to encourage girls to run I think it would be a fun race for us to do together, and I think I could probably run it decently well with her as long as it’s not super crowded.

We also did more photos of Lilli yesterday afternoon (indoors) for her 3 month milestone. I haven’t really gotten to go through them yet, so I’ll probably add a Picassa slideshow in here once I can get them organized (we took a few hundred or so!)

Here’s a couple of pics from this morning:

Running at Shelby Park:

After my run, my waterbottle is one of her fave toys!And here are a few sneak peaks from yesterday’s 3 month photo shoot with Brent!
She is getting great at pushing up on her elbows and holding up that noggin!
No cupcakes or icing were consumed by Lilli! (or us, either!)
Enjoy your Monday!

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