First Foods!

Lilli and I went to do some grocery shopping this morning….and she actually had some things on the list today besides diapers, wipes and formula! (of course all those were on the list too!) I had some coupons for both the rice cereal and the first foods, so I ended up getting a box of plain rice cereal, a whole grains cereal (for later), sweet potatoes, squash and applesauce purees (also for later). It was really hard to pick her first fruits and veggies!!! The whole time we grocery shopped I talked to her about all the stuff I was buying, and explained to her why we buy all healthy and low fat stuff. And when I grabbed a bag of Fritos I also explained to her that is a RARE treat in our house and it would be used to make Turkey Chili Pies later in the week! Hopefully food is something she will learn by example and we won’t have a picky eater on our hands.On a side note, Brent actually thought I was buying a true rice cereal. He cracked a joke with the pedi yesterday when we were talking about first foods about buying her Rice Krispies. And I seriously thought he was joking, but when I got back from the grocery store he asked me if I had gotten something like Rice Chex or Rice Krispies to soften down for her!!!I fed her her afternoon bottle around 2:45 and then afterwards Brent came in from working in the yard to document her first “solids”. She loved it! I really don’t think she noticed she was eating much of anything different than some formula with just a hint of something else in it. The first proportion is so watered down it was practically just milk. But, she did great and didn’t push it back out with her tongue and had no problems with the spoon so we’re well on our way to making giant messes at restaurants in the near future!

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