The Fussies

I really like this pic of Lilli & I in the Cry Room. We pretty much make it until the beginning of the sermon each week until Little Miss Chatty Cathy starts losing it. At that point she’s ready for a nap but who wants to do that with so much going on around you?? So that’s when we usually head to the Cry Room and let her fight her nap there, until she ultimately passes out on me. Sometimes she stays asleep on the walk down to Babyland, but usually someone will touch her and wake her up. Thaaaanks!

This afternoon one of her teachers mentioned she’s been a little fussier today, sort of whiny, and that she might be teething. Brent felt around in her mouth tonight and didn’t feel anything starting to pop out, but she looked uncomfortable when he’d graze the top of her mouth. According to Google teeth usually start on the bottom, though. She’s been fussier tonight, too – squealing and shrieking somewhat uncomfortably as we were cooking dinner. I guess we’ll just have to see if any little teeth pop out soon!

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