Lilli Anne will make you Jump!Jump!

I think Lilli loves her new Jumperoo:

Her huge smiles and grins erased all doubt from Brent’s mind as to whether or not she REALLY needed both an Exersaucer and a Jumperoo. I never could find one at consignment that I liked, so I did have to pay retail for it (aaargh) but I earned Rewards Points at BRU, points on my Discover card and used a $5 coupon for it. AND, I only paid $7.50 for her Exersaucer at 1/2 price day at a consignment sale, so that deal of the century makes the two giant pieces of plastic invading our once classy home much more bearable!

But, shortstack is a shorty short like her momma and can’t reach the floor without a little assistance. I think our choice for her booster is pretty classic, especially considering I calculated up exactly how many dollars worth of diapers we’ve already gone through in her 5 months with us. Thanks to you babe we probably will Die Broke!

Happy eve of Lilli’s 5 month birthday!

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