Moving on Up….

Lilli has some exciting news – She’ll be graduating from the “baby” class at daycare at the end of this week and moving up to the…..”bigger” baby class – the creepers & crawlers. A lot of her friends are already in there – Jada, Cleo, and Tristan, and then she’ll have several other new friends to make! It’s very exciting – esp since she’s been the “old maid” of her class for the last 3 or so weeks after Jada moved up, but also a little sad as part of how quickly she’s growing! Miss Sammie, Violet, Rachel and Dameah have all been such a big part of her life and a huge help to us! They helped cure her of her “I will only nap in the swing!” stance and have really been key in getting naps in the crib squared away.

As part of how much she’s growing and changing on a weekly basis, she’s now becoming a lot more “involved” in restaurant outings! Last Friday night we tried out the new Vietnemase restaurant a few blocks over (called Far East Nashville). She started the night out in her carrier, as she always does at restaurants.

She was being quite the little social butterfly, flirting with all the waitresses and anyone nearby. She is really NOT a shy baby! After about 20 mins, and EXACTLY as our food arrived she decided she was WAY too confined, so in the interest of us actually being able to eat we thought we’d try her in the booster seat:

She has become VERY interested in what we’re eating at all times!! Hopefully one day when we actually want her to eat Saigon Chicken she’ll be that into it! She does great with her solids, and if she wants more than one container or if you’re not feeding her enough she will most certainly let you know with a little temper tantrum! After she was in the booster she was fine, no more fussing, and I think she enjoyed being part of the table. And trying to tear apart the table…

Sunday afternoon on our way back from Hohenwald I needed to stop at the grocery store, so we decided to let her try sitting in the buggy. She was SO tired from the day that she really didn’t react much to her new grocery surroundings, but she also didn’t fuss and considering how tired she was that says a lot!
We got lots of ooohs and aaahs around the store, and it’s much appreciated how people are less likely to ram you when the little one isn’t protected by the big carrier! Of course that could also be the difference in Publix in Brentwood versus our awful ghetto grocery stores….
Have a great night!

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