We had a little Miss Fussy Britches on our hands today. She was actually pretty good in church, and took a semi-decent nap, but it went downhill from there. The Sunday school report was that she got fussy and frustrated after her dress kept her from trying to crawl. Next week I’ll probably recommend that they tuck it into her bloomers if it should happen again. I think her enormously dirty diaper was also a culprit of the fussies, and she really acted like she was teething today. She also made some sort of scene with Brent at Zaxby’s when I went to the bathroom. It must’ve been bad because he was standing up, heading for the door, when I came back out and the lady at the table next us gave me a sympathetic look! So I sat in the back with her on the way home and she just stared at me and held my hand the whole time. Look at this sad, tired little face!

She was def ready for a nap, and one thing her teachers are working on is getting her to put herself to sleep at nap time. She’s about 50% successful with that right now, so I put her down awake this afternoon and went into the kitchen to make some baby food (squash, carrots and sweet potatoes today). I could hear her stirring over the monitors for a little while, and once it got quiet I went to check on her.

Yeah, that’s her foot sticking through, resting on electrical sockets, and there’s also a pacifier hung in them, too. She ended up there because she spends her time in her crib now crawling – backwards, of course, so she ended up there, with nowhere else to go, and passed out. We’re going to have to get some of the covers that you can use the socket with. This scene reminded me of one of my fave baby bloggers and one of her recent posts about how everything in their crib was “wrong”, too! I guess we prob should get a bumper, but I think all that junk is hideous. We don’t even have a bedding set, the quilt is pointless since you don’t use it, and we had my mom custom make the drapes, so what’s the point?
That’s the top view. She woke up in the middle of her nap stuck, literally. Brent had to pry her leg out from the bars and let’s just say that nap didn’t end well. She had started out up at the other end with her blankie.

She did get back to sleep, in a somewhat similar formation with just a foot through. She’s starting to sleep on her stomach now with her rear up in the air.

And here she is working on standing. She can stand pretty well on her activity table now. We still have to be right there if she starts leaning, but as long as she can hold onto something her balance is much improved.
Time to get ready for bed. Where does the weekend go????

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