FFN: Tennessee State Fair!

For this week’s fun activity my plan was for us to head to the State Fair! I ALWAYS went to the fair growing up, it was a HUGE deal in Memphis. For some reason people really don’t go to the State Fair here, they all go to Wilson Co Fair, and that’s actually the only one Brent and I have ever been to since we moved to Nashville almost 11 years ago. (And the only reason we went to that one was because we did the 50K Ride Across Wilson County Bicycle Ride in 2007 that morning and you got free admission to the fair afterwards.)

What I did not plan for this week was the tons of rain we’ve had, UGH! We also had so much going on the early part of the week, and Lilli was extra fussy on Wed and Thurs (poss teething), so Friday night we decided rain or no rain we were going to the fair! After we got home from work we fed her and then loaded up and headed over to the fairgrounds. The normal parking area was so soggy they had us parking on the middle section of the raceway. Kind of crazy and pretty cool to park in such a strange place, but much better than getting stuck in the mud in the grass.

There were a couple of times it looked like rain in the distance, but fortunately we were rain free, for a change. We walked the Midway and got heckled by all the game booths, then we walked around the rides and food vendors before picking a locally based one to spend our dollars at.

I got my standard corn dog and lemonade. Brent pretty much choked when he heard how much I spent on the lemonade, but the fair only comes once a year! And, I tried to remind myself how much attendance was off with the weather being what it had and that these people were struggling. (It’s been so bad they cut the price of admission in half the second half of this week.)

Lilli hung out in her stroller and had a great time at the fair checking out all the lights and sights and sounds. Note the lovely bruise on her head. That incident produced Accident Report #2 for her – she was standing in her crib at school and fell and banged her head. We keep threatening to get her one of these if she keeps coming home with bruises. I’m pretty sure even 6-12 month olds would make fun of her in one of them!

After we ate I went over to the ride ticket counter to try and figure out how much a ride on the carousel or ferris wheel would set us back. It would’ve been $10 for the 3 of us to ride the carousel, so we didn’t ride anything. (What a rip off!)

The highlight of the trip was the petting zoo! And thankfully it was free! Lilli LOVED it. When we first walked in a goat was being pretty mouthy and she grabbed onto me, but when we walked over to the first cow she just started laughing and reaching for him.

I think she thought all these animals were odd variations on Pippin or something. I didn’t let her touch any of them, she has a tendency to put her hand in Pippin’s mouth and while he doesn’t do anything but lick these animals were starved and who knows what all has been in their mouth. We bought some carrots for a $1 and Lilli was highly entertained watching us feed them.
Nothing is hungrier than a goat….

Animals with horns make Brent sleepy and Lilli happy….

More smiles for the animals…

Brent and Lilli being silly….

Before we left I stopped and got some cotton candy. We’ve given her some this weekend and it’s hilarious to watch her expression as it melts in her mouth. Her interest in table food is really spiking, she was actually drinking out of one of our waterbottles this afternoon (with the top you have to suck to get water out of) and she nabbed a big chunk of Oreo this afternoon, too.

We had a great time at the fair!

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