Mission Impossible

I remember the good old days when I’d tell Brent to set up his camera, pull out a backdrop (aka easily Photoshop-able sheet/blanket) & we’d have a photoshoot and get all kinds of frame worthy baby goodness. Sometimes so many it was even HARD TO PICK which ones we liked best.

Yup, the good old days. AKA – Pre-mobility. I think the pumpkin patch in late October was the last successful photo shoot we’ve had since after that time frame she’s just been MOBILE. And now that she’s been walking for about 5 weeks she’s just GONE.

Sunday she got to wear what I declare her Christmas dress was for this year. I don’t believe in putting her in strange Santa outfits, I leave that for the Big Guy himself, so I went with more of a Christmas looking plaid that can easily be worn all winter (and of course a steal at a consignment sale anyway). All I wanted was a good pic of us from the day! To start with she was feeling great and was in the mood to ENTERTAIN at church. I guess missing time with her ear infection just messed her up, because as we walked in she got really excited and as we made it into our usual pew, our usual 5 minutes late, she started waving profusely to the ladies who sit behind us. If she could put together sentences I guarantee she was saying “Hey guys!! Missed you! I was feeling awful but I am B-A-C-K.” And she was. She kept them entertained with snacks, peek-a-boo, waving and pointing to them, and just generally being Lilli for the whole service. Afterwards they apologized if they get her too wound up but they said they just think she’s hilarious. And extremely “active” for her age. I think that’s code for “wow your baby is already crazy” because we hear “active” and “alert” quite often.

So, being “full of herself” translates to not a lot of good pictures. I mean, I do like this one:And then it just goes downhill. Here she has a coaster in her mouth, as I hold her down.

Pippin was more than happy to pose. Lilli felt the need to just leave with her coaster.
The lovely family picture in front of the TV. Made even more quaint with Lilli on the move and Pippin trying to get her coaster.
Mean face.
Finally she just left…
And made her way to the kitchen to see if we left any of the cabinets unlocked.Major Fail.

But, I do think I get major brownie points for having a smile in all the pics, because you just never know when a good one might get thrown in the mix!

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