Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve dawned bright and early with me coming down with a stomach virus around 2 am. I’m pretty sure anywhere from 1-all 3 of us have been sick on all major holidays this year, so why not Christmas?? I felt awful and was sick quite a bit until about 2 pm, and have slowly been feeling a little better since then. It totally stank having to listen to Brent and Lilli having fun playing while I was in quarantine. But, now that she’s older she can’t see you without wanting to cuddle and climb on you and I REALLY don’t want her to get sick! (or for Brent to get sick!) Brent was a trooper and took care of all of us, got our turkey brining, and even took Lilli to Kroger for the last few things we needed. What a day!!!

Regardless, we still had cookies to leave for Santa. I got Lilli these Ho-Ho-Ho PJs from, they are perfect for her since that is one of her words that she says a lot! And so stinking adorable! We’ve been giving her little bits of Christmas cookie this week, and when a whole plate of them went out for Santa she went crazy!

I’m pretty sure she doesn’t get the concept of leaving them for Santa!

After the cookies were “left”, we read The Night Before Christmas (a tradition we started many years before Lilli) and let her check Norad and see where Santa was before she went to bed. Luckily he was still in Brazil because she’s had a slightly tough time with all the massive winds tonight making it sound like her room is going to blow away!

Hopefully he comes down the chimney in the living room and not the one in either her room or our room, we need some sleep! Even if he doesn’t, I have a feeling a couple of elves have put together some toys tonight that she is going to L-O-V-E!

Here’s hoping for a stomach virus free Christmas for all of us!

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