And the Winner Is….

It’s been busy, busy, busy since the holidays around here. Funny how that 12-31-odd years CPE requirement sneaks up on me every-other-odd numbered year and I end up with copious amounts of studying and cramming to do right before the new year! I had 60 hours to do this week (for the year), and finished up my exams a little while ago. Every free second this week (not that I really have such a thing) has been spent reading about exciting things like accounting rules and pronouncements so I can keep my CPA license active for two more years. As always, I’ll log on tomorrow morning and finish up my certification with just a couple spare hours before the deadline.

The big winner (from other people) this year has been the little rocking horse Brent’s grandparents gave Lilli. A new toy achieves such high status when it’s the first thing she goes for when breaking free and escaping whilst in dress clothes. Luckily this particular toy was not buried behind, underneath or on top of anything else.
The refrigerator also retains such high status, on an ongoing, never-ending basis. I dare you to open the fridge in this house and manage to close it before a toddler and a dog climb in. Not only is our electric bill astronomical the heat bill isn’t something to sneeze at either. And for some reason produce seems to go bad a little more quickly. Alternate horsey shot:
Other Christmas gifts she enjoyed carrying around:

Snowbird dishes. Anything with a handle makes for fine carrying. Odds are good this was dropped on Pippin’s head while he was enjoying a rawhide from his grandparents.
And for some reason, cashews. I’m not sure if it was the size challenge or the sound of the nuts clanging together, but cashews also make Lilli’s list of favorite holiday items for playtime. Maybe next year someone should get her a belt. .

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