Day 365

Today Lilli had her 1st birthday party! It was MASSIVE and I still have to sort through the (literally) thousands of pictures, but wanted to post a couple of my faves.

Her party was at a local children’s bookstore in our neighborhood. I’ll talk more about it in the “official party post”, with lots of pics of her and her friends, but part of the “entertainment” was singing and dancing, and storytelling. We also had lunch and (of course) served cupcakes and cookies.

A cute one of storytime. Lilli had 18 little friends (not counting herself!) come!!! Insanity! Most were 1 and under, with the exception of an older sibling or two, and a special friend or two.
Brent worked long and hard on her smash cake.
She thought it was adorable (at home she’s been laughing and pointing at it!) but didn’t really want to eat it. I’m not even sure she knew it was food.
Cupcakes and cookies were more her speed, so she still got to make a big old mess.I think the party went well considering the quantity of people and small size of the venue, although there are FOR SURE some things I would do differently. One thing I would not do differently: hiring a photographer to work the party. It was SO nice having someone whose sole purpose there was to take pics and make sure we got some of all our attendees. Brent is never in any pics! And when you’re hosting a party you want to mingle and make sure everyone knows you appreciate them coming and and are having a good time, so it was nice to be able to do that and know it was all being captured on “film”. And he did a great job, we’re really happy with all his pics!

Tomorrow we’ll open all her presents and give her another crack at her cake. We’re also planning to take her back to the hospital to return her. Ok – not really – but we are planning on going back to the hospital and showing her the newborn babies! Tonight we went to the same restaurant we went to the night before she was born. The downside of that is that it’s not a great restaurant – it was pretty awful actually – so we decided next year we’ll just go to a Mexican restaurant and it doesn’t have to be that same one!

Time to relax, more party pics later!

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