Happy Birthday Lilli!

Happy Birthday Lilli!! Today you are officially one years old! (I guess that means I need to upload a new Lilypie age counter, too!) She has her shots on Tuesday, so we’ll do the official weights/measures/what she’s doing post on that day.

She had a really low key birthday. She wore her special “birthday” dress I bought off Etsy this morning. It’s absolutely enormous so she will probably get to wear it next year, too!

Photographing her in it after church this morning was pretty much impossible. She is on the GO! Brent tried to take her picture this morning while I was getting lunch ready and came back frustrated because she would never stop moving. We’ll take her outdoors for some 1 year shots soon.
Totally cute and totally Lilli.
After LifeGroup tonight we took her to Baptist so she could see where she was born and see the babies born on her birthday. It was about 7, so a lot of them hadn’t been sent to the nursery yet, but the one up in the window had been born just a few hours earlier so we did see one born today!

Looking in the window:
Like mother, like daughter. I guess we blink in sync.
Looking at Baby Boy Rizzo. (He was not happy).Those pics were with Brent’s camera phone. I couldn’t find my camera (it was in the “wrong” spot in my bag) so that’s all we had with us.

When we got home we let her smash her cake, so Brent got some good pics of that to post later (and I still have TONS to post from her party). After her bath she went off to bed. She had opened a few presents yesterday, so I think we’re going to space out the rest of the presents all week long so she’s not overwhelmed with new toys!

And tomorrow she moves up to the 1’s class at daycare. I am SO not ready for that!

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