Party Pics, Part 1

Here’s a few pics from Lilli’s birthday party, considering how many we have it would take forever to post all of them, so I think I’ll probably just spend a few days putting up some to show each kiddo/family in attendance! I think between Zak and Brent they got a cute one of just about everyone.

Here’s Evelyn (and Mom Lindsay), a church friend of Lilli’s (a March 09 baby):
Here’s Haven (Sept 09), another church friend of Lilli’s, with mom Jana and friend Lindsey.
Liam, a school friend of Lilli’s (he’s either a March or April baby). They actually live about a mile from us!
Here’s the “big boys” of the party. Left to Right: Kairo (Age 2, a local East Nashville buddy), Levi (Age 3 a church buddy and big bro to Levi born in June, and Taylor, Age 4 a church buddy that Lilli just adores.)
Aaron, a school buddy of Lilli’s (a March baby). They’re really good friends!
Henley, a school buddy of Lilli’s. (an April baby).
And Maevy. Here is an OLD link to a pic of her back during Lilli’s first few weeks of school. She can’t have been more than 6 weeks old, and still had so much hair! (She’s in the swing. And Jada is in the other swing!) Maevy’s family also lives about a mile from us! (She’s a March baby.)
And here’s Jada, another school friend. She’s a Dec 08 baby, so she and Lilli are back together again in the 1’s. Jada is already so sassy and has taught Lilli a NUMBER of things during their 9 months together in school!
Connie and Blake (3 yrs old). We went to Freed with Connie and her husband (he actually caught the garter at our wedding! He had a stomach virus and couldn’t make it out to the party.
One last one for tonight – several of the school buddies hanging out. They all play so well together and are a hoot! Griffin in the front (an April baby) and Henley and Liam telling secrets in the back!Lilli’s doing great in her 1 yr old class. It’s a HUGE change from Infant 2. They don’t take naps in cribs – they take naps on mats on the floor, and I can’t even imagine how they get her (or a room of 8 1’s for that matter) to chill out, but she’s been taking 2 1 hr naps a day, so no complaints here! They also make the swift change from bottles to sippys, and she’s been fine with that, too. Last night we started her on a 50/50 ratio of formula to whole milk, and so far so good. With Brent being lactose intolerant we’re watching her closely, particularly as the formula she tolerated the best was lactose free. The others we tried during her transition from breastmilk to formula seemed to cause a lot of vomiting, but on this one she practically NEVER spit up at all (something we highly appreciated in her!) She also has lessons (and homework!) every day. They’re studying “Learning New Things” all month, and one day one of her lessons was on sharing, and on Monday it was on using a fork. They also do a Bible Story every day – they’ve done Psalms 23 one day, a verse from Eccl one day and today was Matthew. They also eat at a little table in little chairs, instead of in a highchair. So it is definitely a “big girl” class! We’re very glad she’s fitting in so well, I think they’ve been impressed how smooth her transition has been, but I think she was ready. In her other class she’s been the only walker for 2.5 months, so I’m sure she’s enjoying having some people to chase and chase her!

More party pics tomorrow if I get a chance!

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