Snow Day!

Finally, a snow day here in Nashville! Lilli had a few really, really minor snows last year, but so far this January is really shaping up. Earlier this month when I was gone to Atlanta for work she had a full day off from school, but they really didn’t get much. Honestly, life has been so busy this week that I didn’t pay much attention to the forecast until every school in the Mid Tn was closed today. We got the automated call at 5:45 this morning that her school would be closing at noon, which is really perfect. That way I could go in for several hours, and send stuff home if I needed to.

I went upstairs to our cafe for some warm breakfast around 8, and it was just starting. By 9 the office pandemonium known only as Snow had fully erupted and regular entourages of groups were headed to the windows every 5 minutes. (We’re nowhere near a window, so we regularly rely on Traffic Cams for weather updates.) By 10 the boss had said we could all leave by 11, and I ended up leaving around 10:30 because the Traffic Cams were showing the roads starting to look snowy and I seriously did not want to be stranded with Lilli! Brent came home around noon after I yelled at him about not ending up stuck in Lavergne.

It has not stopped snowing all day and we’re up to at least 3 inches in our yard! (Brent’s outside now measuring!) Lilli’s skylights keep getting covered with snow and then avalanching, so it’s kind of scary sounding over the baby monitor. Around 5 the streets outside our house were totally covered in snow, and most of this evening it’s been an ice/snow mix.

We had a nice snow day. I picked Lilli up exactly as they sat down for lunch, so as soon as we got home we had lunch. I cooked a grilled cheese for both of us (a mini one for her!) and she ate some of that along with her other lunch her teachers packed up for her. (She’s had a big week of foods – tacos, spaghetti, fish stick, and tonight she went crazy over a pasta dish we tried out!) We played for a few minutes and then she was ready for a nap. Brent and I completely enjoyed just relaxing and catching up on some TV shows we’ve had recorded for about 3 weeks. When she got up it was snow time!

Pippin is not one of the many dogs who loves to romp in the snow. But he does look very stylish in his snow gear.

I think our main problem is she ends up so bundled that she can’t move. But she gets points for style! I’m glad I’m getting a lot of use out of her boots and snowsuit!

Tomorrow we may try bundling her less.

She always loves to ride in her car, so we got that out. The sidewalks were salted so it was safe for her to drive.

I’m pretty sure this is her “What-chu talking ’bout Willis?” face.
We couldn’t make it far – these wheels aren’t for snow plowing!
And then Brent pushed her around in the yard doing doughnuts before we went in…..We’ve gotten a TON of snow since then. It’s been coming down hard all night and you can’t even see these tracks whatsoever anymore. Tomorrow morning we’re going to head back out and build a snowman! We had plans to go out on a double-date tomorrow night, and we even had a good sitter lined up to watch Lilli and put her to bed. But, with all the snow still coming all day tomorrow it’s just too risky for us to go out or for the sitter to come over either, so we’ve had to postpone our night out. Boooo! But we’ll just reschedule and do it another time! It’s looking like we’re snowed in this weekend, good thing we’ve got groceries!

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