Spring Fever

So this afternoon around 3 I got the call. Again. Another fever, but this time I was actually at my desk and this time 101. The school director said she had been great all day and woke up hot from her afternoon nap and tested out at 101. Big sigh. Of course when I got there she was banished from the classroom and walking the hall with the school’s director. She was super excited to see me, and her morning teacher was still there and said she’d been great all day aside from falling asleep in her high chair at lunch. She also fell asleep in her high chair at dinner last night, so it seems like she’s really worn down.

Of course as soon as we got home I took her temp (100.4) but she really just wanted to play outside. She constantly wants to be outside, and if we can’t be outside then she’ll settle to just look outside. So I let her play outside all afternoon, she just loves to watch everyone walking (especially dogs), the cars go by, and to just play in the yard moving every stick and leaf from one side to another.She loves to pull the weeds up, and I’m ok with that, too!She was mostly her normal self, just seemed a little more tired than usual. At dinner she didn’t eat much and wanted to sleep again. Poor thing!! We took her temp right after dinner and it was at 99.7. (This is not tonight, but it was when she was sick with croup last week! It’s kind of hard to tell when she’s sick since she’s usually in such a good mood!)After dinner she just wanted to play outside again, so we did some more people watching. She started falling asleep on the porch swing so we brought her in around 7:15 and started getting her ready for bed. Her temp was back up to a little over 100, and the poor thing fell sound asleep while Brent was changing her diaper and getting her ready for bed.Hopefully there really isn’t anything wrong with her, and maybe it’s just a growth spurt or teething pains. She has several of her molars coming in and it’s not unusual at all for her to have a fever around 100-101 when she’s teething, but the extreme cause of exhaustion is unusual. Another little one at her daycare has come down with hand-foot-mouth, and I am REALLY hoping Lilli hasn’t somehow caught it. She’s not in the same class as Lilli, but some teachers float to give breaks, etc so it’s possible she could still catch something from a kiddo she’s not around.(The sleeping one above is from one night last week. Her mattress is still slanted from when she had the croup last week to help her breathe easier and she was practically asleep on her head!)

Here’s hoping she sleeps this off tonight and wakes up in a great mood tomorrow. Since she’s banned from school tomorrow maybe it will be a pretty one and she’ll feel great and want to spend the day at the park and shopping!

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