Getting Better…..

Finally! Our girl is feeling better!
Yesterday was ROUGH. It was a rough night and a rough day. She was cranky all day long, and I don’t think the rain helped since this kid wants to be outside ALL DAY LONG. We spent half the day yesterday just looking out the window, and the other half trying to explain why we couldn’t take her stroller out for a spin in the cold downpours! She was clingy and fussy, and still didn’t want to lay in her crib. When I finally got her down for a nap for once I wasn’t overly concerned when I saw this:I made sure she was breathing and just let.her.sleep. It was a rough day. But she did want to give Pippin lots and lots of hugs. This time he didn’t move away fast enough and she got him. Normally he moves and she lands on her head, which thankfully is pretty tough since she lands on it a lot. Unfortunately this all took place next to my toilet, which is generally their favorite place to play. Notice how her ear is kind of of a funny color. It’s been super red all week, either from her tugging on it or maybe the actual infection.
Even Pippin was feeling worn down and I caught him all cozied up in Lilli’s “Cozy Corner”.
Brent came home from work a little early and after we ate he whisked her off to Home Depot just to get her out of my hair for a few minutes. She loves to GO. She got so excited when we asked her if she wanted to go for a ride and she just ran to the door. We needed some ant traps since our annual invasion is underway, and a massive downpour happened while they were in the store. To kill some time Brent let her play in the aisle – with MOUSE TRAPS!!!! @#$@##@ !!!!
Last night was also rough, AGAIN! She took over an hour and a half just to get to sleep (normally it takes no more than 10 minutes to get her down) and she cried pretty much every hour. But when she did get up for the day today she’s been in a pretty good mood and mostly back to herself again. She’s certainly more short tempered and was a bit more tired when we went out to dinner and Target tonight, but her mood was vastly improved today.
And she wanted to be outside again, all day long. If we’re not outside we have to be looking out the window, watching cars, and people and dogs.

Her other new favorite thing to do is bring you toilet paper while you’re using the bathroom. And much to Brent’s delight she will only give you the tiniest portion imaginable. Cheapskate!
Hopefully tonight will be a good night! We would LOVE to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time!!! And if it’s a good one we’re planning to take her to her first Easter Egg hunt tomorrow – that should make for some interesting pictures!

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