Get Me To The Church

This morning was just **not** my morning.

Lilli slept great again. I think she woke up around 1 but just wanted her pacifier and was right back to sleep and the next thing I knew my alarm went off. I took my shower and then started the process of dragging Brent out the bed. He was having some allergy problems the night before and said he just didn’t feel like going to church, but said he’d help me get the girl ready. I was fine with that, so he got her up a little later and got her fed and dressed.
First, her skirt was way too big. As in with each step she took it was falling off and she wore it last fall! She doesn’t have an ounce of chub on her, so I guess her waistline has gotten smaller as she’s grown taller. And then of course it was raining this morning, so out the back door I head with a struggling toddler in the rain. She was super squirmy and I got her in the car seat as fast as I could since we were already running late.
And once I pulled out onto 17th I realized I had a flat tire. Peeerfect. So I made a U-turn and pulled right back beside our house, pulled the girl out of her carseat and headed back into the garage and got into Brent’s car. We were going to get to church and have some Jesus today! So I take off in his car and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to turn the wipers on. So I’m wiping one at a time with the “single use” feature until I could wake Brent back up on the cell phone to ask how the wipers worked! About this time Lilli decided to throw her pacifier across the car and then decided that was a bad idea – and cried all the rest of the way to church.
Remarkably we were only about 10 minutes late and she was pretty good during church – except the numerous times she wanted to pull my shirt down and the occasional squawk here and there but I don’t really care – people shouldn’t sit towards the back if they don’t want to hear the preaching of a toddler. I dropped her off at Sunday school and enjoyed my own class before picking her back up and heading home. I even stopped and filled Brent’s car up with gas, I am woman hear me roar!Brent had already looked at my car and it looks like I picked up a screw in my tire somewhere, ugh! So I get the joy of driving with the spare tomorrow. This is our THIRD flat tire this year – and I think in the previous 10 years we’ve had maybe 1 or 2 combined!
(Obviously these pictures have nothing to do with the above story and were from last Friday afternoon. I went to a consignment sale that morning – my absolute favorite one of the year – and found one of the little tricycles with the bar on the back you can steer them with. I was SO excited and had been looking for one all season so I was really glad to find one and to only pay $30 for it! The ones at Target are $64 brand new, but this particular brand is $150+ online! Woo-hoo!!! Talk about some savings!!!! It’s still too big for her now but she likes to be pushed around on it and play with it in the yard. I think by the end of the summer it will fit perfectly!)

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