Pizza Night!

Tonight was pizza night at our house! Yiiiipeeeee!I think someone enjoyed it! By the end of the meal she had pizza, broccoli and rice, oranges, and marshmallow in her hair. Success!

We had turkey soft tacos last night, and she gobbled up some “mini” versions of that I made for her, so I guess I’m doing something right for dinner this week. We’ve also started her on plates at home. She’s been using a plate at school for about 3 months now, so it’s really no biggie – I’d just like to get her used to that at home and then change her high chair over to the booster type and have her sit at the table normally.
We’ve been having several contractors/designers out over the last week bidding on building a new outdoor deck for us (probably covered, we’re not sure yet). This is completely the type of project we could easily do ourselves, but just no longer have time to do and would like to have it finished in a more reasonable time frame than our schedules allow. And since we would like to have it covered that (of course) involved permission from the Historical Society because of the age and historical significance of our house, and just adds an extra level of red tape we don’t want to mess with. Today the 4th contractor came out at 5:30, so we needed a dinner we could eat quickly before he showed up and pizza worked out perfectly.
And just for reference, here’s our little lady exactly a year ago – a camera ham both this year and last! Some things just don’t change!

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