Super fast post tonight, I still need to give Pippin a bath and we want to relax and catch up on a TV show before bedtime!

Lilli was EXTRA cute today in her little Western dress and boots, in honor of yesterday’s Country Music Marathon. Every little good Nashville girl needs a nice pair of boots! Luckily for me the dress was $4 and the shoes $5 at consignment sales this spring!These boots are 100% adorable!!! Of course they’re not her first pair of boots….
After church we drove straight down to visit Brent’s grandparents south of Columbia (prob about an hour and a half or so.) Lilli napped until we pulled into the Burger King lot, where she enjoyed her chicken tenders and apple “fries” until a fly landed on the window near our table. The excitement of this little bug pretty much distracted her from the rest of her lunch as she is the world’s slowest eater.

Brent got lots of cute pictures of Lilli with his parents and grandparents, but I’ll post more tomorrow or later this week as a)Pippin smells and b) it would be nice to have a couple of minutes with my feet up before this weekend is over!

Here’s Lilli with her great grandparents….
She was ready for another nap (and was asleep in the car literally before we’d even gone a mile) so she was being bribed with cookie to sort of smile (or at least not fuss about being held still!)
And with Brent’s parents!
More pics to come!

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