No time to post tonight but I thought I’d put these pictures from Lilli’s 15 month Well Baby Visit up. She is MUCH more apprehensive at the doctor’s office these days, but they scored a major win when she spotted these dinosaur figurines in a basket near the scale.She LOVES dinosaurs and they kept her happy and occupied during our appointment. Our doctor’s office is really speedy – we had a 3 o’clock appointment and were walking back out the door by 3:30. They are the best!!! (And that level of service is completely the norm.)
I’m not sure what it is about dinosaurs!! The only cartoon she’ll pay any attention to is Dinosaur Train, which is fine with us. We hardly watch any TV and I don’t want her growing up addicted to it and overweight like most American kids are. I checked out one of those Baby Einstein DVDs from the library once and thought it was about the dumbest thing ever.
She got 3 shots on Monday and will have a couple more shots at her 18 month appointment, and then we’re all done with immunizations until she is FIVE! Crazy!!! I can’t believe after her 18 month appointment we’ll be “released into the wild” with her and only have to come in for annual well baby checks. (I know we will still be there often with her when she’s sick, but this will still be a major milestone!)
Have a great night! We’ve been busy tonight cleaning the house so the babysitter tomorrow night won’t know what slobs we are, ha! And Lilli didn’t fall asleep until 9 – we walked down for ice cream around 7 and I guess the sugar rush just kept her up a bit late, oh well!!! It was delicious and totally worth it.

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