The Great Monsoon of May 1st

There’s a LOT of irony in the shirt Brent picked for Lilli today…..What a weekend! It started out great enough – “Miss Shannon” came over last night and played with Lilli (and Pippin – I think he’s higher maintenance than Lilli!). We didn’t do anything too terribly exciting. We did some clothes shopping, ate dinner, and read magazines at a bookstore. We do all these same things with Lilli, but it was nice not having to be back before bedtimes and not have to rush as much. We came home to two sleeping kiddos! I’d say she looks like she had a great time, ha!The rain started about 6:45 this morning (we can hear it pounding the skylights in Lilli’s room over the baby monitor!) and hasn’t.stopped.since (it’s now after 9 pm). We got up around 8:30 and I started the day by making pancakes for all of us, and Lilli started the day by torturing Pippin. Her current favorite game is getting in the baggie drawer and throwing every single Ziploc baggie in the floor.
Since we knew the rain was going to last all day long we loaded up a cartoon on our WDTV and watched an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.
Lilli and Pippin were so sweet! Thirty minutes of TV is all she can manage, so we played with toys and books until lunchtime.
For lunch we had chili and cheese quesadillas. This was Lilli’s first bowl of chili and she LOVED it.
She’s getting so much better with the spoon, but still made a total mess!
She took a nice two hour nap after lunch and then it was time to give Monkey a ride on her little car.
She pushed him around for a few minutes until she wanted to drive.
She watched the rain……
Pippin watched the rain…….
And then dinner time – Pizza!!!! Thankfully the pizza joint is on our block so we didn’t have to cook on a Saturday night! She loved it and ate about a full piece. She does NOT like her food to be cut in baby-size pieces -she simply won’t even eat it if you try that!
After dinner we were desperate for entertainment and I spotted the stroller her grandparents had given her for Christmas upstairs. It’s still way too big for her (she can’t even see over it!) but she loves to push things around the house and she can at least control it now. So she gave Monkey and Baby a ride for a while until she absolutely melted down for bedtime. We all three had massive cases of cabin fever today.
Pippin wasn’t amused at all by the take out menus and pens someone had left in his bed, but he made do.
And here’s what the interstate in Nashville looks like – massive chaos. That’s I-24 – the major route Brent takes to work – a 4 lane per side interstate that now looks like a river, with cars floating and a building floating down it that ultimately capsized and broke into a million pieces. One person drowned on the interstate and 3 people have died today. A lot of places have flooded today and it’s just a giant mess. All those cars are now completely underwater (this was about 4 this afternoon). We’re not even sure how he’s going to get to work on Monday! And the rains are supposed to continue for at least 24 more hours.
Hopefully a lot of the water around town will go down tomorrow and the city can get back to normal soon!

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1 Response to The Great Monsoon of May 1st

  1. Liz says:

    First of all…Lilli is adorable! :)Secondly, I think it is hilarious that you took a picture of your tv. Not sure why I found that funny.I used to live in Clarksville so we have been watching the news. I hope they fix the problem soon and the rain stops! -Liz

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