Long weekend!!!

We are excited about the long weekend! High Five!Lilli wore one of her little patriotic dresses I got at a consignment sale last spring to school today and when she got home wanted to wear ALL her patriotic beads. I think she’s channeling her inner Mr T. We had dinner out at our neighborhood Mexican restaurant. She loooves Mexican food and was loving the salsa tonight! She’s a double, triple, and maybe quadruple dipper so you might not want to share the salsa bowl with her but she ate a TON of it!Her face and bib are further proof of how much she enjoyed chips, salsa, her quesadilla, rice and beans as well as some of my taco! She was a hungry girl. She also flirted with all the waiters and everyone sitting around us. She was the life of the restaurant – which I will take any day over being the anti-life and being the annoying, screaming baby! She just loves to eat out.
It was sprinkling heavily off and on after dinner so we decided the playground might be too wet (since she loooves to slide and it wouldn’t have gone well if we only let her swing!). TONS of geese and ducks were out on the lake so we stopped for a few minutes and she just loved it. These guys were pretty aggressive and marched right up to us when we pulled up so we waited and threw them a couple of goldfish from the car when we left. We were kinda worried they’d storm us if we opened up the container. They were all around, this is just a very small representation of how many geese there were watching us.We’re looking forward to a nice long weekend with some playdates and dinners with friends and hopefully some pool time, too! And hopefully I can finish up the last vacation post from our trip to Kansas!

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3 Responses to Long weekend!!!

  1. Stephanie says:

    That is a really cute dress. Ready for the weekend 😀

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