Odds and Ends

We’ve been busy around the house organizing and getting some projects finished, so not much time for posting. It’s been life as usual the last few days!

My little helper loves to put on my oven mitt when I take it off. We’ve been doing a lot of meal planning and using up some of the massive overstock of groceries I have in the pantry and freezer the last couple of weeks. Tonight was just a nice and simple chicken stir fry in the wok using some of the frozen vegetables I have WAY too much of in the freezer. Tomorrow night will be a light and easy linguine carbonara. We’re “health”-ing it up by not using heavy cream and using skim milk instead along with low fat sour cream. There’s WAY too much obesity in America right now and I want Lilli to continue eating healthy, balanced meals each day with fruit and veggies. She can be such a good eater, and normally every day she will at least try what I’ve fixed for dinner. Playing with some of her sunglasses and looking cute!Pippin and Lilli are still big buds. She just won’t leave him alone….Friday night we went to eat burritos and then do some shopping at Target for some baby and wedding gifts I needed. She had lots of fun trying on their cute little Patriotic hats.That’s all the news for now! Way too late for bedtime now!

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