So Thoughtful

Lilli is so thoughtful. She is always leaving things for her brother in his bed. Yesterday she left this entire bag of tortilla chips that he couldn’t figure out how to work around. Today she left him a smaller bag of Goldfish that he couldn’t figure out how to open. It is infinitely easier to get Pippin to pose for the camera these days than Lilli.
She also helped me with some sweeping last night. What a good little helper!She’s all about the fresh foods….something about peppers just attract this kid. Every time the freezer door is open she jumps in there, grabs a pepper, take a bite, melts down because (duh) it’s not good. She also likes sucking on fresh lemons in the fridge, and the other day had to be stopped from taking a bite of fresh onion. (Our onions lately have been POTENT.) Speaking of fresh foods, we’re looking into joining a local CSA – where you pay upfront for a seasons worth of fresh veggies, and each week (or every other week) pick up a box of your goodies. The upside is eating healthier, fresher, and locally grown organic foods that you KNOW where they came from! And I’m pretty sure when I get a chance to watch Food Inc and Jamie Oliver’s show I will be even more convicted! Tonight on our way home Lilli and I stopped at our weekly neighborhood farmers market to ask some questions. I just have to crunch some numbers and see if we’d want every week or every other week. The boxes this week looked great – potatoes, Broccoli, lettuce, squash, eggplant, zucchini, corn and lots of other stuff. I really want us to be even more focused on eating healthy and raising Lilli to just think that’s normal. It’s no struggle right now for her to eat her fruit and veggies and I want it to stay like that. She loved tonight’s healthy version of a carbonara dish, and happily ate it along with some corn and lots of fresh fruit. She also dipped her bread in olive oil & herbs like she saw us doing – she is so cultured, ha!

It was SO hot at the market this afternoon – when we got back in the car at 5pm it was 100 degrees according to my car. Insane. We did pick up some locally made cheese, and I got brochures on several other local food companies. Our weekly neighborhood market sells everything from produce to meats to milk to candles and flowers! We are gonna be so GREEN!

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