Baby Vader

Several years ago we bought a Darth Vader sprinkler on clearance for just a couple of bucks at Target. Ever since then it’s been in our attic (probably about 5 years). We were looking for some ways to stay cool Saturday afternoon so we got the sprinkler out for Lilli. She saw it as soon as we walked outside and was instantly interested.It’s really a super pitiful sprinkler, it hardly sprays any kind of distance, and the King of Darkness doesn’t even go around in a full circle.
But it is PERFECT for Lilli. Our regular sprinkler sprays just a little too hard, so she can really get into this one and attack good ole Darth. Good versus Evil in our back yard, and it looks like Lilli had the upper hand!

She had a blast playing around and splashing in it.

It probably kept her occupied a solid half an hour, which is eternity in toddler time!

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