Moving Along

Progress on the new deck is moving right along. In order to give us more time to work we’ve let Lilli start cooking dinner.Kidding…..(maybe).

She does enjoy watching the progress of the deck from her own special vantage point. Funny that we used to worry about Pippin being the one to tear up our custom blinds.
Pippin has his own personal spot to watch the progress. He’s pretty miffed at all the old decking removed but has no idea how much more room for napping he’s about to have!
Progress by the end of today:
For only having a couple of hours at night to work Brent makes a lot of progress! And it helps that our neighbors don’t seem to care about hammering and construction carrying on well after dark up until 10 pm-ish.
The completely new section is all framed up, and now he’s started the extension out that adjoins the old part.
We just finished “running the numbers” on whether or not we want to use Trex (composite decking) or actual wood. All along I’ve wanted to use the composite material because it always looks so pretty and is SUPPOSED to be low maintenance. Of course with that comes a massive price tag, and the remaining materials would’ve been a little over 2x versus using wood. Well, after reading reviews on how the product just doesn’t live up to its promises (think stain, mildew and lots of cleaning) I think we’re going to go with wood and just pick out a pretty stain, and spend the savings on great furniture, outdoor rugs and lamps for our new space. We’re already saving thousands doing it ourselves so we deserve some great furniture!

Ok, it’s already WAY past bedtime, as always. 5 am comes MUCH too early!!!!

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1 Response to Moving Along

  1. David says:

    The deck looks great. Pippin wants you to know he doesn't take up a lot of space. Just give him access and he'll take it from there.Hey; there's this marathon in Miami in January. Want to run it?

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