That’s My Girl!

So tonight was our big refinance. Our closing time was at 5:30 which is kind of stinky in it’s late but nice in that we didn’t have to leave work early or anything, but then again not late enough that we could meet up and carpool together to get there. And, it was late enough that Pippin needed a potty break since I knew we’d probably end up having dinner in Green Hills where we closed at. So, from 3:30 on I was a driving machine – first I came home and let Pippin out for a couple of minutes, then picked up Lilli and then we headed out towards Green Hills. Traffic can be awful or ok, and today it was great so we got out there 45 minutes early and ended up walking around the mall before heading over to the lawyer’s office to meet Brent.Lilli was a MESS. She is all about her baby doll these days, so she fed it her snacks while we signed 5,000 papers. Then she let a HUGE one rip in the quiet office and we all DIED laughing. Afterwards she had the biggest smile on her face and we just all lost it, so with all of us laughing at her she was laughing too. It was pretty much hilarious. I think I was crying I was laughing so hard, I guess I should have been embarrassed but what can you do? She can’t help it! And our closing agent was a young guy so he lost it right along with us and had a great story to tell his buddies tonight.

Afterwards we went to the nearby Greek restaurant Kalamata’s. Their food is SO good! I wasn’t sure if Lilli would like it, but she loved her Greek chicken and rice. I didn’t have one of her forks in my purse and she did great with the regular one.
The WHOLE time she was flirting with the waiters and chef. The chef had walked through a few times checking on everyone and she’d always put a big fork full of food in her mouth when he’d come by so of course he loved that. When Brent went back up to pay and check out their desserts he sent back this little pastry cookie for her free of charge. How nice!! She loved it (and the cheesecake Brent got for ME!) Dinner was great, I had a gyro sandwich and Brent had a chicken salad gyro.
Here’s the outside of the restaurant:
The whole evening a big storm had been brewing – even at 4:45 it had been thundering, but it didn’t start getting really dark until we were leaving the restaurant at around 7 pm. It was DARK over downtown with crazy lightning, and the closer we got to home (aka downtown) it was pitch black with possibly some of the craziest lightning I’ve ever seen. The clouds were nuts and looked like a tornado could easily drop out of them. I was so thankful to make it home safe and Brent said he could tell I was nervous because I was driving fast. Ha!
Once we got inside we turned the weather on and it really started getting bad. There were several “rotations” in our neighborhood and the lightning sounded like it was on top of our house. We cleared out the little closet for us and we stayed in until the storms weakened. Pippin always stays right with us during storms as our little guard dog. Lilli had fun playing with the box of screwdrivers in there since we didn’t have time to grab any toys before heading in. Pippin was a little more experienced and brought one of his rawhides in with him. Ha!
All in all quite the eventful evening! Hopefully tomorrow will be more low key! Lilli has her 18 month shots tomorrow afternoon and the she’ll be DONE with all her immunizations and well baby checks! From here on out it will just be the annual birthday visits and flu shots. I guess tomorrow Dr Rauth will officially declare us responsible parents (good thing she wasn’t in the closing meeting with us today!)

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