The Daily Update

Just an ordinary day around here. Brent picked Lilli up this afternoon because I was getting my hair cut and snapped this cute pic. That’s Henley, Annabelle, Jada and Lilli with Miss Stephanie. They were all just hanging out in the cozy corner reading books and being girls. All the boys had already left for the day!As you can see from the above pic, the lawnmower and vacuum are hot commodities in the 1’s right now. There’s also a new grocery cart we were told Lilli pushed a baby doll around in all day today. Here she is yesterday morning helping Miss Shannon get the room all vacuumed for the day!After dinner tonight! Chili, quesadillas, fruit and a few M&Ms for a treat! Looks like someone enjoyed dinner!
And here’s how the deck (and Pippin) are looking this evening. Tonight Brent got quite a few of the balusters installed. When they’re all in they’ll be trimmed off.
Side view:
Another view – Brent finished installing the rest of that section tonight before calling it a night.

That’s it for tonight! So glad tomorrow is Friday and hopefully we can get a lot done on the deck – especially the stairs so we can quit carrying Pippin on and off the deck to do his business!

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3 Responses to The Daily Update

  1. Jennifer says:

    Here from Jenna's! Love the deck… that will be so nice!!

  2. Amanda says:

    Over from the blog hop. Your daughter is a cutie! I love the deck… looks like it'll be wonderful when it's finished.

  3. Jenna says:

    What is it with kids and vacuums?! B is obsessed too!

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