You Get What You Pay For

This afternoon after her nap Lilli and I loaded up to head to the Frist Art Center to check out their current exhibits.The Frist is our Nashville art “gallery”. I use gallery in quotes because we’ve pretty much always been consistently disappointed in it. For as large a city as Nashville is, with as much art as we know it has, it’s pretty small and awful.
However there was one driving motivator in today’s visit:
Free Day! It’s totally worth Free, especially since I can park across the street at work, also for free. And since Brent was still feeling bad it was something for Lilli and I to do and get out of the house for a little while. The two exhibits going on were the Couture dress exhibit and the Chiluly glass exhibit.

The dresses were downstairs so we started there, and immediately ran into our friends the Luke and Sarah with Lilli’s little buddy Callie. The dresses were SO pretty and Lilli was fairly happy entertaining herself with the large exhibit guide book but quickly wanted to get out of the stroller – which is pretty much the norm these days.
They had a ton of beautiful gowns, and I had just gotten her out to take our picture in front of this cool row of gowns when I pretty much got reamed out by a security guy.
Apparently the Frist has a no pictures policy. In any of the exhibits. How boring is that???? Brent and I (and Lilli) have been to some AWESOME galleries across the country and NEVER had a complete no photo policy ANYWHERE. There have been some exhibits with no photography, but never an entire place. So that’s where it all ends, and pretty much where our fun ended, too! Right after that I ended up having to carry her while pushing the stroller and then we crammed into an elevator and looked at the Chiluly exhibit upstairs which had very few pieces. A couple of large ones and then a lot of small vases, SO glad we didn’t pay to go see that one! I let her walk through that exhibit (hey, it’s just massively priceless glass sculptures) and she actually did pretty well with that. And that was that, about an hour total. So glad it’s just a 3 mile drive for me! She threw several world ending fits while we left, which always makes 95 degree heat that much better. She is in SUCH a drama phase right now, I can’t wait until some of that chills out a bit.

Brent is feeling better, still not 100% and he’s napped most of today. Hopefully Lilli and I can stay strong and not catch it! We all had chicken soup and quesadillas tonight so maybe that will help ward off the germs for us girls!

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