New Beginnings

Today was Lilli’s first day with her new caregiver. She did GREAT! Mrs Donna sent me this pic of her around lunchtime – a happily passed out and sleeping little baby!She did fine when Brent dropped her off. We had already taken her over there a few times so she knew what to expect and was familiar with the place and Mrs Donna, so she didn’t have any issues when Brent left her today. She marched right in and started dragging out the toys. Donna said she was sweet, “very active” and great all day. They had just come in from outside when I picked her up and her cheeks were all rosy and I could tell she had played hard! She was having a great time with her 3 little friends and they were all chasing each other through a little pop up tent and she was just laughing and (of course) got mad when we had to leave.

And today was the Titans first home game of the season – destined to make my evening commute not so pleasant, but much better know that I don’t have to get through it, pick up Lilli, and then come BACK through it since Donna is just two miles away in our neighborhood.
We got home and she was in a really good mood. Tired and clingy like usual, but she wasn’t hungry or exhausted like she had been previously. We ran and played around outside for a long time since a lot of the humidity had broken.
She LOVES to run around on the deck. We’ll hide in the corners and play peek-a-boo! We were grilling out tonight, hence the smoke in the background! I got a deal on a flat iron steak at Kroger yesterday at it was delicious!
After dinner we had time to clean the toys on the front porch and play some more – baby dolls of course! (We found this toy beside the road a few weeks ago and she just loves it but of course it was pretty dirty. One person’s trash is our great freebie!)
We’re very glad for a great Day #1 and hope that Donna works out much better than our previous center!

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