Walks with Lilli

Lilli loves to go for walks, and always has. With the humidity and heat being a little lighter we’ve spent a lot more time outside lately. I LOVE living in a neighborhood full of sidewalks and great spots to actually walk to. A couple of months ago she literally walked 1/2 mile roundtrip to and from the local bakery a few blocks over.
A lot of times she ends up bringing her little doll stroller with her, and taking one of the babies out for a stroll. Saturday morning we went out for a little stroll around the block. I love this look like “Mom, quit taking pictures, we’ve got places to go!”“Say Cheese!”
It takes us forever to get anywhere! She’ll stop and stare at animals, try to run up to people’s doors, play with a leaf, etc. We usually just do one square block and by then she’s sort of bored with it. But it’s great exercise, a great learning experience and it helps us with “working together” as far as listening to commands about staying on the sidewalk, away from cars, etc. And since our neighborhood is full of dog walkers it gives her a great chance to screech at anyone walking a dog.
She’s so funny with my purse. Since I never get to carry anything cute and small like this she has taken over my little Prada bag. It’s perfect for her arm – although I’m pretty sure I never carried a Dora and a maraca in it. She loves this little soft chair I got her. I should’ve gotten her something like this ages ago, but hated spending the money on it and all the ones at consignment are always kind of gross looking. I literally had it in my Amazon cart since January and just bought it. She LOVES it!She also likes to sit in it and instruct her babies. I have no clue what she’s telling them as she sits there and wags her finger and just babbles away. But she is for SURE telling them how it’s going to be!

Her new daycare is still going great! She’s having a lot of fun with her new little friends and her caregiver is so nice. So far so good!

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