Friday Nights…..

Tonight we just stayed near the house and headed over to Otters for some chicken for dinner. Since the weather has been sooo nice outside we decided we’d eat outside. I wish I could say it was a great experience, but thanks to a totally ghetto family also eating outside it just wasn’t. They were done by the time we got there, so I would have thought they’d be leaving soon, but I guess they really didn’t have anything else to do. When we walked outside they picked their almost 2 year old up out of her chair and put her down and told her to “go play with that baby”. Uh, what?? Surely not us because we were at a restaurant, not a playground, and REALLY not interested in making new friends. We gots plenty. Who (probably) don’t have diseases. So I pretty much ignored them, got Lilli in her high chair and got her some food going. Their kids ran wild the whole time we were there – at one point the 2 year was almost in the parking lot before they even noticed her. At some point the little boy (prob 5?) started cursing, and by the time we had left he had gone to the bathroom OUTSIDE against one of the concrete walls. Seriously. Only in East Nashville.

Here’s Lilli “watching the show”Afterwards my initial plan had been for her to get to run around outside in the courtyard. Otters is in the bottom floor of an urban condo development, so it has a nice courtyard. But I knew the second we let her run around SUPERVISED she’d have some ghetto company, so instead we just took her on a short walk around the complex to enjoy the view.

Pretty much every outing looks like this – Lilli charging ahead, us chasing after.
Her pulling as hard as she can – since we have a “you want to walk you must hold a hand” rule. And no walking in parking lots, period. She is SO stubborn and opinionated lately. Every day is a battle of the wills and a clashing of the Titans.
We walked her down to the end of the development so she could enjoy the view (which really isn’t anything special – this is 2 miles from our house and she sees the skyline every day!) But she did have fun waving to “the people of Nashville”!
So our new plan was swapped to heading home and taking her over to the school playground next door, until we walked over and some rude family had their enormous dog over there with them. It’s not a dog park and I have NEVER considered taking Pippin over there. Of course it wasn’t on a leash, at all, so we turned around and came home. Instead we worked our puzzles (she LOVES puzzles right now and they’re really helping with numbers, colors and shapes), danced to some music, and did some coloring.
So that was our Friday night! Hopefully our Saturday will go a little more according to plan!

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