Saturdays in the Park

We have had some gorgeous weather here lately! And by gorgeous I mean low to mid 80’s, which is much improved over the high 90’s and all the 100’s we’ve had this summer.

Lilli took a great nap yesterday afternoon – about 12 noon until 3:30, so we got a TON of much needed projects done around the house. Brent spent his afternoon with these little guys:

That’s a few of the tons of brown recluse spiders living in our garage. All the lumber and just construction mess of remodeling over the last few years has landed in our garage and made it a major mess and great home for spiders. Enough is enough, so he spent the afternoon and cleaned out one whole side of the garage that had tons of scrap lumber just piled up. The difference is amazing. I spent the afternoon cleaning out our laundry room which was a massive disaster. It’s never been cleaner and looks amazing!! I think I threw out about 5 bags of just junk.

To celebrate we headed over to Centennial Park to meet our friends Adam and Julia (and baby on the way…..) for a little picnic! I just love Centennial – a great urban park in the middle of the city with pretty much everything. Lilli just ran and ran on the Great Lawn while we waited for them to arrive.

Running with me….
Heading across the front of the Parthenon….
I had bought all the stuff to make Greek Grilled Chicken and hadn’t had a chance to make it during the week, so we threw it on the grill and packed it for our picnic dinner. Not exactly the easiest picnic food – but SO amazing. Lilli majorly has a thing for rice, so a whole Tupperware of rice next to her was kind of a dream come true. She also really like the pita breads.
Insert fork. Make mess.
And since she’s completely unable to ever sit still, at one point she stood up and fell into the container of rice. Nice footprint in our food….Have fork, will conquer Nashville. (She had fallen earlier in the morning and scraped both knees while playing outside, hence the Band Aids.)The Parthenon at dusk. One day we really need to go INSIDE it!

We’ve really got to take her over there and just let her run more often!!! It’s wide and open so she can play and you don’t have to be right up on her. I love the Band Aid flapping in the breeze!
Julia and I chatting on the hill while Lilli destroys my diaper bag….
We both brought bread to feed the ducks. Sadly they weren’t super into it, I’m sure they’d been fed ALL day. At one point one of the geese “said” something and they all flew away before we were even done tossing our bread in. Luckily this time Lilli was more into throwing it in than eating it herself!

Trying to make sure Lilli doesn’t end up head first in the lake…..
Afterwards we walked around some more and watched the people swing dancing in the bandshell while the boys tossed the football around. I can’t believe we didn’t get a single good group picture! We had a great time and definitely plan to do more picnicking while the weather is so nice.

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