New Baby!

Yesterday afternoon Brent went to visit his grandfather in the hospital, and of course his mom had to send something back for Lilli – Oooh, a new babydoll! After she checked the bag to make sure there was nothing else down in there she immediately headed to the changing table to grab a pad and a diaper.
The fact that this baby has shoes that don’t come off kind of messes her up (she has to change her shoes about 10 times a day), but once we told her she’d just have to deal with it she started taking baby through the ropes. We had to read to her:
She took her over to her rocking horse:
Took her for a stroll:
Such a good little momma!
I think this one is sweet! We had been playing with markers and she had blue all over her face.
Then she showed that she’s not quite ready for a baby of her own – she loves the page in this book with frogs on it, so she sat Baby in the chair and “hopped” on it to this page over and over again.
But then she had to feed her. Getting hopped on works up an appetite.
But then again we’re really not ready for a real baby. I LOVE the sneaky little look on her face when she stuffed her in this box.
Where’s Baby?
Thank you Grandma for my new baby!

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