Vacation Day 3, Part 2: Dallas!

Yeah, after lunch us girls were a little sleepy and I guess Brent got a little bored. Overall the drive into Dallas was boring, and once Lilli woke up she amused herself by figuring out how to shake her sippy cup against her head and get the water out.
This is not the first time we’ve shown up somewhere with a drowned rat before. Probably won’t be the last, either.
Traffic in all the major Texas town was rotten, all the time. We got into Dallas around 3 or 3:30 and it was already slow heading downtown.
The only thing we had planned to do in Dallas itself was visit the Sixth Floor Museum which commemorates the JFK Assassination. This is the building where JFK was supposedly shot from, on the (you guessed it) 6th floor.
They didn’t allow photos in the museum, at all. Totally goofy if you ask me. They had a lot of stuff on the background of JFK, then a little set-up in the corner from the window where the shooter was, some FBI models and lots of photographs from the day. I think it would’ve been pretty interesting, but Lilli was AWFUL. This was really the only thing where she was terrible, and I really, really mean terrible. We didn’t stay very long, she was pretty much just in the floor throwing fits. Afterwards you could go outside and see the “grassy knoll”. Where the guy is in the street is where the “X” is where JFK was shot. It’s still an open road (and really busy).
“X” marks the spot….
This is kind of what Lilli thought about the whole thing…..really not sure why she was in such a grouchy mood!
But moods change fast……when you don’t have to behave! Maybe she’s just not a JFK fan…..

We walked around downtown for a few minutes, but downtown Dallas really doesn’t have much going on. It’s very business focused and all the restaurants and things were already closed or closing for the day! So, we ended up leaving downtown Dallas at 5 pm on the dot and were totally stuck in traffic.
We stayed around Plano that night in this odd Pyramid themed hotel. Plano is about 20 miles from downtown Dallas, but the city and traffic never stopped so it took forever just to get out there. We ended up eating dinner at Abuelos. We don’t have one in Nashville (boooo) and their food is SO good. And even though it’s a chain the Tex-Mex thing did work.
She loooooves Mexican food and when she’s tired and hungry she will use those fingers like a fork and spoon!! So gross!

And since the food was so good we even treated ourselves to a little dessert.
I think it was a big win!

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