Pumpkin Patch 2010 – Walden Farms

This year we went to Walden Pumpkin Farm for our annual pumpkin farm “experience”. It’s located in Smyrna, really close to our old house. Before we went there we drove by our old house and were surprised to see it up for sale again! Once we got home we found the listing online, and it was pretty creepy to see the inside of it. She hasn’t changed A THING. In 4.5 years! The same exact colors and lighting in every room. Weird. She also hasn’t pulled a weed in our old garden or pruned the old rosebushes I had, and they look awful. No worries, we won’t be moving there again since there is now a La Quinta Inns in the backyard now. Ugh.

Last year we went to Honeysuckle Hill, and I really didn’t like it. It was overcrowded with lines everywhere and it was a long drive from our house. And it was $9/each (Lilli free) and we really didn’t even get to do much for the lines. Walden is FREE! and you just pay for what you want to do. So, we went out for several hours, only did the free activities (play in the pumpkin patch, petting zoo, little kids play area, etc) and never spent a DIME! That’s my kind of fun! And we got great pictures this year, too. It’s a smaller farm, and was still pretty crowded so it was definitely an art to get these pictures with minimal people in the way.

See, Brent even got a good one of me!

They had a little area with several Little People farms and tractors and she just played with that forever! Here she’s looking through the fence and watching the petting zoo animals.Looking cute in the Pumpkin Patch.
Taking a little Dance Break.
Looking sweet in the Garden.

We got about 30 really sweet shots, here’s the whole slideshow since it would take me forever to post that many pics here. Brent got some really great ones we’ll get printed!

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