Gooooo Titans!

Today was a “big” day! We had tickets to see the Titans play the (Philly) Eagles. I bought tickets on a whim the morning they went on sale. I just happened to be near the computer, and since the whole season sells out in (literally) just minutes I figured I should give it a try. And I scored us a couple of expensive, nosebleed seats to today’s game. The last time we went was in December 2007 – nearly 3 years ago and before there was even a mention of such a thing as a Lilli.

Lilli could go with us for free, as long as she sat in our lap. Kind of like airplanes, she could “fly free”. And doesn’t this look like a football loving face?Something this sweet would surely sit in our laps and cooperate for 5 hours, right?
Uh, no. We decided to get a babysitter, because we’d ALL have more fun that way! I can’t imagine entertaining her during a long football game, or taking a backpack full of toys with me to entertain her. Not happening. The seats are all so cramped and on top of each other, we and everyone around us would’ve been miserable. So Ms Violet came to play with her. She and Ms Violet go way back, she was one of her very first daycare teachers, and here they are having a blast back in March at a friend’s b-day (I can’t believe how small she was!!!) She actually left the daycare about a week before we did, so it’s been about 2.5 months since they’ve played together and Lilli was SO excited to see her – just squealing and couldn’t get out of my arms and into hers quick enough!
By the time we got parked (free in our neighborhood, thank you very much! We laugh at the people who park one block over and pay $20 while we park for $0!! Ha Ha Ha Ha suckers!) and through security and into our seats it was right at starting time! We always hear the military jets and fireworks from our house, since we live about a mile and a half away, but it’s a lot more fun to see it all in person.
We had noooosebleed seats. Way on up there, only 7 rows from the top. Oh well, who cares! We actually ended up around a lot of Philly fans, which made it hard for us to know when to clap sometimes!
It was WINDY! I would’ve paid good money for a scrunchie. Instead we just paid good money for some pizza and popcorn. It was so windy a bunch of our popcorn flew out and showered some fans while Brent was bringing it back. I was also pretty warm in my only Titans shirt (long sleeve). The winds did keep it nicer, and it got cloudier towards the end as storms have moved in.
The game started pretty slow but in the 4th quarter the Titans woke up and ended up absolutely killing them! Lots of fireworks in the last 10 or so minutes!

Lilli had a blast on her playdate. Ms Violet fixed her lunch, took her on a wagon ride to play in the leaves, played with her toys and she took a solid two hour nap while Ms Violet enjoyed our porch swing and chatting with the neighbors. I think after spending the afternoon here she’s sold on East Nashville, ha!

Can’t believe another weekend is over already, boooo!

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