Sunny Sunday!

It was SUCH a pretty Sunday here today! Anytime the weather is this nice in late November you just have to enjoy it, and we have spent most of Lilli’s waking hours outside this weekend just in case winter arrives soon.

I just love the little dress she wore today. I got it at Market in Atlanta from one of our favorite children’s shops selling their samples. It’s a Biscotti sample I got for $14 and pretty much all of their dresses sell for $70-$120! Designers sell off their samples at market, and we can get great deals. Sometimes they end up making the dress and sometimes they don’t. So Lilli’s dress could very well be one of a kind! Lilli and her best bud Pippin. They are pretty much inseparable.
After church we needed to run into Target and get a few things. I saw this little bus in the $1 bins and she drove it all over the store, and was so attached to it we drove it right through the check-out. I have those irritating flour bugs again, so I’ve bought all new canisters and spent today cleaning out my cabinets, again. I reek of Clorox. Hopefully we can be rid of these things. I did end up tossing 3 full trash bags of ruined food, old expired food, and half eaten, stale food.
Brent snapped a few pictures of Lilli after we got home.
She just can not leave him alone! She loves the snot out of him!!
Poor Pippin. I wonder if he remembers how easy his life used to be??
Sweet little thing (sometimes!) She’s still so tiny, just 23.4 pounds, which is what she has weighed for a couple of months now, but she is getting taller (a little). She wears an 18 or 24 month shirt and 12-18M or 18M pants. She’s just now wearing the 18M pants (at almost 22 months!) A lot of her 18M footie pajamas are a little tight, it kind of depends on the brand. And she just started wearing a Size 5 shoe.

Pippin kept running away from her making her a little mad, but ever so determined to catch up with him!
She won’t even give him space to let him mark all the territory in the yard…. I really hope he didn’t hike his leg on her!
I did let her pick her outfit today. She’s very opinionated on which shoes she wants to wear and which bow she wants to wear. When I told her she could pick whichever outfit she wanted she pulled this one out – because it’s orange! HA! She knows blue, orange, and sometimes white and black and a few of the others.

We took her to the park this afternoon to enjoy the nice day. There were a couple other kids her age she’d follow around. She just loves to climb the playground equipment and since we took her to Shelby Park she even got to watch the dogs over in the dog park.

This face is the result of the new Holiday Oreos I bought a the grocery store. I think she enjoyed them!

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