Pilgrim Hats!

My junior chef was in full force tonight. First she helped me with dinner, LIKE ALWAYS. Seriously – while Pippin runs in for anything that sounds like food rattling she runs in at the first sound of a pan being pulled from the cabinets. Tonight we made a Caribbean jerk chicken dish in the skillet where first you dredge the chicken in flour and then make a sauce you cook the chicken in. She loved helping me dredge the chicken around.Then for some reason she wanted to start eating some flour! A lot of times she ends up snacking on a lot of the ingredients while we cook. A couple of weeks ago she was eating red wine vinegar by the tablespoon. Weird!! (I did not let her eat chicken coated flour. After the chicken went in the skillet I got her a little bowl with some fresh flour, a spoon and a clean ziploc baggie of her own to play with. Giving her her own ingredients to mix while I’m actually cooking usually works best.)
Then after dinner we made Pilgrim Hats. I saw a cute little recipe for it online and thought it would be an easy and pretty quick food craft for us to make. Basically you melt your chocolate, dip the marshmallow around in it, and then put it on a Fudge stripe cookie. She was all about it and really listened to the instructions and used the toothpick to swirl it around. She was also certain to put each one on a cookie and was very deliberate to do it the right way! She would dip them so fast I had a hard time keeping up with having cookies and marshmallows out for her since I was trying to go behind her to fully dip most of them. Below are how all of hers looked.
She really doesn’t like to get super messy, and of course we were both covered in chocolate and she wanted me to wash her hands. I told her to lick it off and a new love of chocolate was born! And of course we all 3 licked the bowl!
Yum, Chocolate!!!
Here are some of the more polished ones I made! So cute and so easy!
And here are Lilli’s! (I did the orange buckles after they were set, she was already in bed.) I think she did a pretty good job for completely doing it on her own! She has more of the two tone hat look going on!
We have a nice little box of them ready to send to school with her tomorrow for her to share with her friends, along with a little card we made for her teacher complete with turkey cutouts and feather! Maybe tomorrow night she can help me make the annual pumpkin pie for Auntie Becky!

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