Christmas Cards 2010

With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow it’s already time to start thinking about our Christmas cards for this year! We have a long-standing tradition of taking some sort of unusual family photo, always including Pippin, and turning it into a photo card for about 150 of our closest friends and family members. We also write a one page holiday letter talking about what we’ve been up to over the year, so holiday card production is big (and time consuming) business in our household!

Last year our card featured Pippin riding in the baby stroller with Lilli walking alongside and us pushing the stroller. I’m pretty sure I will croak before we ever do a posey-posey look in front of a tree, so thankfully Shutterfly has lots of non-traditional looking card templates that work for us! I think this Merry Blossoms card is so cute and I also like this wide looking template as well. This folded card is also really, really cute. And this Top 10 card would be a great way to let people know your main events from the year!!I’m also thinking about making some cute desk calendars that show Lilli in each of those months from the prior year as holiday gifts. Much sweeter than a Dilbert calendar or freebie from the work sample pile!! We’ve done photo books with Shutterfly before and have loved how they turned out, so I know their cards and calendars would look great. And I love that their cards have so much more dimension and style than the more generic Walgreens type flat & long cards that have been out for so long! With all their great templates I know Brent will enjoy having a year off from designing our own!

And even better, they’re offering 50 free cards to bloggers, so how could you go wrong?? Free cards, cute designs and great service! One less thing to worry over this holiday season for this busy momma!

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