I still haven’t had a chance to sort through all the Thanksgiving photos, and I’m planning on getting in bed early since tomorrow will be CRAZY! Friday may be the busiest day of the year for Retail, but the Monday after is probably the busiest in the people behind the scenes of retail! Hopefully we had a strong weekend of sales and tomorrow will be a good day!

Lilli wore her sweet little turkey outfit to church today. I sent her outside with Brent after we got home to take some pictures of her in it, and he did get some funny ones. We always go to the grocery store on the way home from church and while she was “helping” put away groceries she latched onto a bag of chips. So all our pictures of her also include a big bag of chips, however she is more than happy to share them with the lawn rabbit.Little Miss Almost Two has some STRONG opinions about things these days, so a lot of times when it doesn’t really matter we’ll let her pick out clothes or shoes so she feels like she has some sort of say in things. When we were headed out for our afternoon walk I let her pick which shoes she wanted to wear since I knew she wouldn’t be crazy about having to wear a jacket. I had already put her in these crazy pants (which Brent HATES), but the ruby red shoes are ALL her choosing!
Personally I just think they complete the outfit. And of course we ran into tons of neighbors while we were out walking and they all got a major kick out of her outfit. She just fits right into East Nashville! They must have been fairly comfortable, she never complained on our walk about her feet hurting or anything.
Pippin nearly scared me to death this afternoon. I spent 2 hours raking the yard while Lilli napped – I ended up with a total of 11 bags of leaves from that ONE cypress tree in our front yard! Pippin was keeping me company in the front and a lady walked by with her two little dachshunds and he did his usual thing where he’s running alongside and barking, and then he rared up on one of the fenceposts – not really hard – but the whole thing came off and he went sailing through the fence on top of these dogs! Luckily I was right there, and both Pippin and these two dogs were friendly and more surprised than anything so no harm was done (and the lady was really nice) and they just got a couple of sniffs on each other but I was scared to death. There are a lot of non-friendly dogs in this neighborhood, so we for sure got lucky, and we also never leave him out front without us out there as well. So after Lilli’s nap Brent went around checking each board and tightened up several of them. Of course he had a little helper.
And Lilli is turning into quite the little photographer herself. She got this one of me and Pippin tonight, I think it turned out really good!! Of course Pippin looks thrilled.

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