Gift Ideas

Here’s some gift ideas for me since Mom wanted some this week so she could go shopping. I thought it might be easier to do links with pictures.

Towels from Target – Gray or Brown – the larger sized ones are the ones we like

Kitchen Towels – I like the waffle-y ones from Target, pref in black or a ferny/light green (not Christmas green, sort of that lighter green color like a plant)

Sweaters – Like this one at Old Navy – colors like white, brown, black, green sometime purple, usually a small unless it looks super small for a teen or something. This one is also really cute, and I really like this one (I already have it in a small purple and it’s really nice). I really like the different print patterns and also the other solid ones.

Heated Throw – I like the heated throws like this one for this drafty old house since Brent won’t let me have an electric blanket anymore since I kept my side set on the max and burned it out really fast.

Cleaning Stuff – Anything to help clean the house like these little blind cleaners since our blinds are always SO dirty!! Or anything else to get organized/make cleaning easier. I can always use more dust cloths because I can never remember where I put mine.

Silicone Spatulas – We use these all the time and I can always use more.

Brent says I’m hard to shop for this year but I like most everything, there’s just really nothing I need other than a maid, personal assistant and a chef.

Here’s some for Lilli – she would love this little phone, and also this little “Laptop”. She loves art stuff, and we can always use more sticker books, coloring books, books with the flaps you lift, etc for church and traveling. She also likes the Paint with Water stuff, I just got her her first book like that a couple of weeks ago from the $1 bin at Michaels and she loves it. She really doesn’t need any clothes for this winter except for maybe a couple of size 24M pajamas, and everyday sneakers Size 5. She loves her Little People stuff and has the barn, airplane, train, and a truck. She’s big into fire trucks and cars right now. I think she would LOVE a little basketball goal like this one that has adjustable height. She plays basketball outside with us all the time and just throw her basketball at the tree.

Tonight was spaghetti night at home. Lilli PIGGED out and somehow managed to get it all over her face and even above her eye. What in the world!!! Even with a bib it got on her shirt and pants, her chair and its straps and then she spilled her milk all over the table and Pippin (since he waits under her chair.) It was quite the dinner experience tonight.

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