Books and Treats

Here’s some pictures for Grandma Carden of Lil in her Reindeer Jammies listening to her Hallmark book. It’s kind of hard to see that it’s the book because she can’t really hold the cover up where you can see it since it’s a larger size.

She always likes the first page where you say her name the best.
I’m not sure that she ever sat still long enough to listen to the entire book. Anything electronic gets a workout from page to page and since we don’t want Tornado Lilli to tear it up we never let her have it for extended periods of time.
Lilli loves to help around the house – from putting up groceries to cooking, wiping the floors when something gets spilled, and ESPECIALLY using Windex. One of her “chores” is helping fill up Pippin’s treat jar when I buy him new treats. It’s also one of Pippin’s favorite things for her to do, too.
He gets tossed more than a few treats.
That’s all for tonight. I’ve got a cold coming on so I am going to rest and hope to make it a short cold. There’s still lots of Christmas pictures to come.

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