Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with our families at Brent’s parents’ house. Lilli and I had a lovely drive down sitting in the backseat watching Elf and having snacks while Brent chauffeured us. Once we got there Lilli was fast friends with Madison playing on the computer. Then Lilli moved on to playing reindeer games with Great Granny.

The three cousins (and Santa) were the first and easiest to pose for the annual Family Picture.
Brent will have to photoshop Pippin in since we left him home alone for the day. Thankfully there were a few of us non-red people to help the colors blend!
Just hanging out with her presents….
She eventually wondered off and had Grandma help her open one. She didn’t understand having to wait until they were all passed out, and as slow as she is she for sure needs a head start.
I think it took forever for her to open her presents. Every package had to be completely opened and played with before she could move on to the next one, and each baby doll given a bottle immediately upon opening.
The poor little thing was passed out before we even passed the Hardees near Brent’s parents’ house on the way back. She kind of had a fitful sleep – we think she was still jumping on Aunt Becky’s new trampoline all the way home!
And every single toy has been played with since we’ve been home, too! Both new babies are regularly stripped down to their skivvies and dressed and re-dressed and fed and napped on a continual basis!
Thanks for all the great gifts!

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1 Response to Christmas Eve

  1. Becky says:

    Glad Lilli enjoyed Christmas and her toys! Tell her she come come any time and jump on the trampoline!

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