Today was our sweet girl’s actual birthday. I already feel like I’ve celebrated it about 15 times already!!! Brent and I took off to do fun things around town with her since all the bigger kids would be in school (hopefully, since there’s been so much bad weather lately!)

We started out this morning with a breakfast of peppermint chocolate scones. I bought some pretty pink and white daisies for her yesterday that made the table look so pretty with all her cards around!After that we went to Monkey Joe’s around Rivergate. It’s a fun indoor bouncy place. Lilli LOVES to jump and is constantly just hopping around anywhere and everywhere, so as soon as she saw what was around her she just RAN! Of course MJ is fun for kids of ALL sizes.

We bounced for about 2 hours and the poor thing was getting so tired she couldn’t climb any of the slides anymore but she did NOT want to go. And it was so nice because it really wasn’t crowded at all since it was a school day. We had to carry her out kicking and screaming. From there we had lunch at McDonalds and she enjoyed a chicken nuggie Happy Meal. She is THE slowest eater, so we’d been there nearly an hour and she was still slowly eating her lunch so we made her take it with her in the car.
But the poor thing passed out eating her fries and last nuggie. Of course she perked right up once we got home and spent an hour talking in her crib before she fell back asleep to finish her nap.
After she woke up and had some blueberries for a snack we let her open some presents. This gorgeous handmade bunny is from our friend Stephanie (not babysitter Stephanie but our work friend Stephanie). It is SO precious!!!! She sent it home with Brent last Friday and it was so sweet of her to think of Lilli.
Pippin and Lilli picked at each other the whole time she was opening her gifts. She kept whacking him with the boxes and he’d shove her right back. Crazy kids.
We were going to have Noshville for dinner but for whatever dumb reason they are only open during lunch on weekdays, apparently. So we went over to Rotiers instead. The waiter was so nice and didn’t even charge us for Lilli’s dinner, and also gave us some free fries. While we were trying to place our order with him she kept ordering things (clearly we eat out a lot, ha!) so he got so tickled he told us he’d take care of her and bring her whatever she wanted for free. Then she kept talking to another waiter who asked us if he could bring her a milkshake but sadly we had to tell him no thanks since she can’t have lactose.
Afterwards we kept up our tradition of taking her back to Baptist and showing her the babies born on her birthday. We told her what we were going to do on the way over and she was SO excited. She ran off the elevator and up and down the halls yelling for babies – and was really disappointed that we were only going to look at them through glass! They did wheel one by as we were standing there and put him in the lights by the window, so thankfully that did satisfy her. There were only 4 babies in there and the floor was incredibly quiet. I’ve heard they can get extremely busy but we’ve never seen it like that.

Our last promise of the day was taking her to get some donuts. She’s never had donuts that we know of, but she was pretty stinking excited about it, and was MORE than happy to pick out what she wanted – chocolate with sprinkles. And she was so cute and friendly there that they pulled out a hat for her. We really do end up with a lot of free stuff with her around. And much to their amusement she did actually wear it for a few minutes. We even got to watch some donuts being made before we left.
And the WHOLE ride home she kept asking for her donut. She can get a one track mind about something and talks the ENTIRE time we are in the car – the ride home (about 5 miles) consisted of a)begging for donuts, b)screaming for an ambulance that went by, c)asking to see another fire truck (some firemen were in KK getting donuts), d)worried about Pippin going night night, e)talking about the traffic light colors, f)telling me to dance to songs on the radio and then just repeat that over and over and over again.
So needless to say she was more than happy to come home and finally enjoy her donut. And of course feed half of it to Pippin.

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