The Big 2: Party Pics – Crafts

We had two crafts from Oriental Trading Company for the kids to make. One was a little flip flop you put your pic in (and decorate with stickers, etc) and the other was a little Monkey Face with sunglasses on. I had already had Brent print pictures of each of the kids attending (thank you Facebook!!) so that made it a little more special for each kid.

Wesley and Kairo working on their project:

Seth helping Taylor
Haven chilling out with some Play DohAnd Haven playing with some glue. Kids just LOVE glue!! Lilli loves to glue stuff all the time.

Julia with her flip flop for Ella Kate
The monkey table with lots of kiddos hard at work:
Lynda helping Levi

Lilli made herself right at home in Jackie’s lap.

Rachel hanging out in one of the chairs, I think I was trying to find her a glue stick then!

Emeline working on her monkey.
Lilli working on her project with Grandma to help…

Evelyn with a glue cap, I think! Hopefully she didn’t just taste it, ha!
I wish I had thought to have pictures taken of each kid with their finished projects. A couple of people accidentally left theirs and they were so cute I wish I had seen all of them. The food arrived around this time so I was busy making sure everything was set up the way I wanted it.

Lilli, Rachel and Tonya
Jackie and Liam
After craft time it was time to EAT!!!

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